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Saying Yes… To Your Prom Dress!

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Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo has a separate prom store dedicated to Prom!  Darianna Prom & Tuxedo in Warrington, Bucks County is known for customer service, top-quality gowns from top-name designers, and fantastic suit and tuxedo specials every year for the guys!

With prom dress shopping heading into full swing, let’s do a blog on Prom!  The first step, of course, is:

Saying Yes… To Your Prom Dress!

January 2nd.  The calendar page is barely turned and the girls are out en masse searching for their perfect prom dress.

Several years ago, I asked a group of prom-shopping girls if they had dates for prom yet.  I was promptly informed, “No, but it’s much harder to find a dress than a date.”

Truth be told, that statement still makes me laugh.

Objective:  Claiming the dress first before anyone else.  Facebook groups are now established for each prom so the girls can post their gowns.

The Facebook group goes far beyond the typical “store registry” where a store will log which dress is going to which prom and not sell the same one.  The problem with a store registry is that other stores don’t know what has been sold for those proms, so the same dress could wind up on the same dance floor twice or even three times. This is unacceptable.

The Facebook group ensures that no one gets a dress posted in that group.

If the dress is that perfect and someone wants a dress that is already claimed for that prom, special permission must be obtained from the original prom-goer who purchased it.  If she says okay, then all is well.  If she says no, step away from the dress.

The good news is there are thousands of dresses from which to choose.  Right now the trend is two piece and lots of florals.  Lacey tops with cap or three-quarter sleeves are so cute, and the sleek beaded dresses are definitely here to stay.

There are also some basic rules for Junior prom.  Junior prom goers typically opt for lighter colors like pinks, violets, and aquas, and dresses that are a little less ‘formal’.  Black is not encouraged.  Two piece are acceptable.  Go easy on the cutouts.  Too much skin showing can earn you a jacket to wear all night.  Not to say Junior prom is not formal… it’s just not Senior prom.  You should have fun and enjoy the night with your friends.

prom 2For Senior prom think formal.  Red carpet formal.  This is your night to celebrate the last big moment with your class; you’ve earned it! Black is common and appropriate, as are white, red, metallics, any beaded or lace dresses are definitely there.  Shoes and accessories are important as well, and the flowers complete the look!

Be careful if you are ordering online.  Stay away from the knock off sites!  You can wind up with a nightmare on your hands and losing money.  A fun experience in a real store is the best way to go to ensure you get your prom dress in your size.

Your prom dress should be a reflection of your personality – fun, whimsical, classic, fashion forward, on-trend, etc.  When you find your prom dress, you know it, and you claim it!

Darianna Prom & Tuxedo has hundreds of dresses in our Warrington, Bucks County prom dress store from designers like Jovani, Faviana, Scala, Clarisse, Jasz Couture, Jonathan Kayne, La Femme, Gigi, and many more!  We order directly from them as well so if your perfect dress is there in the not-perfect color, we can get it!  New inventory arrives daily.  Our super friendly and knowledgeable consultants will help you find your style and make it an experience to remember when you say YES to Your Prom Dress!

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