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Pretty In Pinks: A Gorgeous Pink Wedding Pallet

A traditional color that exudes femininity, pink is a perfect choice for your wedding, especially in spring and summer! A pink pallet is a romantic and delicate choice that can be used in so many ways from stationery to attire to flowers and more! Here are some creative ideas and combinations for a pink wedding color palette.

Blush and Ivory

This color combination creates a soft and timeless look. Blush and and ivory are gorgeous together and create one of the dreamiest and romantic combinations there is, and paired with some natural floral greens, it doesn’t get much prettier. This warm pallet is breath taking against an ivory wedding dress.

Pale Pink and Gold

This color palette adds a touch of opulence and luxury to a blush and pink wedding pallet. When paired with gold accents, such as gold foil invitations and thick gold candle holders and center pieces, the effect is stunning. This is a perfect choice for a vintage Victorian flair.

Blush and Rose Gold

Rose gold is a trendy metallic color that pairs beautifully with blush tones and adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the palette, making it a perfect choice for a chic and contemporary wedding. Use these pinks in your wedding cake and glass wear.

Blush and Mint

This color palette combines the sweetness of blush and pink with he freshness of mint. It’s a lovely choice for a spring or summer wedding and can be incorporated into various elements, such as jewelry and your signature cocktail.

Pink and Coral

This color combination adds vibrancy! Coral is a brighter shade that creates a cheerful and playful ambiance when paired with pinks, perfect for an Alice In Wonderland themed reception against black or a tropical beach celebration. Flowers and fruits (think tangerine and pink grapefruit!) are the perfect pops for these colors against pale hues.

Blush and Lilac

This color palette creates a dreamy and romantic atmosphere with its soft and muted tones. Lilacs and lavenders complement blush beautifully, and together, they create a serene and ethereal ambiance. Combine beautifully in wedding cake details and don’t forget your guys – let them look sharp and coordinate, too!

Remember to experiment with different shades and tones of blushes and pinks to find the perfect combination that matches your wedding theme and personal style. Consider using these colors in your floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, table scapes, invitations, desserts and favors to create a cohesive and stunning pink wedding color palette.