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Featured Blogger: Kathleen Smith, Consultant at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo

Part 4: Tips for Your Wedding Registry

Our bride-to-be Kathleen is back with some more great advice, this time on the wedding registry!  Have you thought about this step yet or did you learn anything along the way that would help another bride?  Share your tip here!

Wedding Registry: Bridal Shop in Bucks County

My fiancé and I are registering for our wedding and starting out we had a lot of questions. There are many places to register and items to think about while planning ahead for the future. So we asked a bunch of friends and family and here are some great tips we received and some we found out on our own.

  • Register for approximately twice as many items as guests coming to your wedding. This allows your friends and family to choose from a greater variety of items. You want to makes sure your registry doesn’t run out of items, leaving guests unsure what to get you or how to notify you of the depleted list.
  • When deciding where to register think about what each place has to offer and what will make the buying process easiest for your guests. It’s nice for them to have two or three options where to buy, and be sure you add items in a wide price range. You will have guests looking to spend very different amounts and it’s necessary to have variety. You’d be surprised what some people are willing to spend so make sure to have at least a few higher priced items even if you don’t expect to receive them!
  • Ask the people around you what their favorite or most useful gift was and see if any are items you may not have thought to put on your list. You might get some great insight as to what will serve you well in the future even if it seems unnecessary to you now. I think for me the item I care least about but was warned to think about is extra sheets and pillows; there will be many guests and more beds in my future! Preparing is good and I know I won’t want to spend money on certain items now that will be extremely useful later.
  • Watch out for sale and seasonal items; these are things that might be discontinued or sold out by the time your guest start purchasing. As tempting as it might be, save yourself the extra time and headache of having to re-register for items.
  • Lastly, keep an eye out for special events for registrants and deals wherever you have already or plan to register. Some places set up incentives based on what items are bought off your registry. It’s a great way to possibly save on big ticket items where you can and the events can be fun!

And there it is, one last thing to keep in mind, as always, is have fun 🙂

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