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Featured Blogger: Kathleen Smith, Consultant at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo

Part 3:  The Food

In her next installment in her journey to the aisle, Kathleen gives some good insight and information on a very important part of the event… the food.  From the h’ors d’oeuvres to the desserts, soup to nuts, this takes serious thought and planning.  Read on to find out how she is doing with this part of the process!

apple cinnamon and anise treats

I love food.

One thing I often hear from married couples is that they did not end up eating much or at all at their wedding.   As a food lover getting married in the month of October with all of the delicious Autumn food options, I have to say that sounds awful.

autumn wedding treatsWhile figuring out the food for my wedding I’m learning many new things, a few of which I’d like to share.

Food is expensive, don’t skimp on the budget! 

I’ve had a hard time with this but am finally coming to terms with the fact that this will be one of the larger expenses. Even simple meals take hours of preparation and staffing to make sure everything runs smoothly.

This is especially true of larger weddings; you don’t want to find out later that Mom ran around all night orchestrating because of insufficient organization and staff.

Consider your guests tastes and dietary restrictions.

This should not be hard, but I’ve had to stop and think a few times, with as many guests as I have, whether I will be supplying a meal that each person can enjoy. I know exactly what I want to eat, but I also want to accommodate my 150+ guests with nice warm food that’ll keep both them – and me – happy.  Nut and gluten allergies, vegetarians and vegans, you need to consider options for these guests.

a delicious spread at a fall wedding

Finalizing the menu takes time and caterers book up, so don’t wait too long!

I have been back and forth in touch with caterers and there have been a few glitches with communication making it hard to get all the info I need in a timely manner… But aside from technical issues, the number of options, budget and guests to consider makes it a lengthy process.

Taste testings and figuring out what will work for the venue and how much you’re willing to pay takes time. Some caterers will be booked up early in advance so start planning food early and save yourself extra stress!

Don’t forget to have fun with the food, though, it’s a great way to personalize your wedding. Make sure to think about yourself and your fiancé during the process, it is your wedding after all. Perhaps have a family member or friend on task to remind you to eat at the reception so you can finally enjoy what you took so much planning!

mini pumpkin pies

Confused about planning your wedding?  Have a blog idea for her or need advice?  Write to Kathleen and ask!  She’s in the business and can help save you time and money and calm your bridal nerves.  Email her at – she’d love to hear from you!

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