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Featured Wedding Dress: Tree from WToo

Meet Tree!

Designer: Wtoo by Watters

Wtoo Wedding Dress | Why We Love Her

Tree, a Wtoo wedding dress, is just exquisite with every inch of her detail. This dress is truly one of a kind, with each layer of her adding a new depth of creativity and uniqueness.

There is a lot to unpack here, and that is a great thing! Tree is full of intricate detail from top to bottom and no one can go unappreciated. Beginning at the top, we have a beautiful beaded spaghetti strap which leads to a dainty v shaped neckline. The beaded detail lines the neckline, and the strap breaks into three separate straps and drape gently down the back, leaving it low, but still beautiful and elegantly detailed.

Wtoo Tree wedding dress at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo

Wtoo Wedding Dress Details

The Tree Wtoo Wedding Dress is covered in beautifully embroidered roses which trail asymmetrically down the bodice and throughout the skirt. What makes the dress pop though, is the layer of delicate sequins and sparkles which are shaped as leaves and vines, and it lays just beneath the surface of the roses. When the light hits it, we are able to see just how stunning the details of her truly are.

At the bottom hem of the dress is a scalloped edge to give the bottom a beautiful finish. And turning around, let’s admire her stunning train! The dress bodice and skirt details continue down throughout the train and the beautiful scalloped edge is applied to the hem. The gorgeous edging gives the dress an elegant finish, making it feel intentionally thought out and designed with care.

She’s Great For

Anywhere! Wtoo made Tree very lightweight which makes her a very easy gown to travel with! She would be perfect for a beautiful wedding in the Italian countryside, on a beach in the Caribbean, or even in the Pocono Mountains. She is adaptable to anything, and truly adds to whoever wears her and wherever she is located.

What Makes Her Special

The Special thing about this particular Wtoo wedding dress is that she is full of surprises! She looks stunning both up close and from afar. Every handmade detail shines and makes her a perfect fit for any bride who wears her. The gown compliments the bride, and does not overshadow her. She is the epitome of elegance and poise, and her timeless detail will have you looking back at photos and admiring her for years to come!