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Communicating With Your Bridal Store

communicating with your bridal store

How do you communicate with your bridal store? Technology today permits many methods of communicating and Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is proud to explain many ways you can get quick and easy answers for your bridal and tuxedo wear needs.

Getting the answer you need quickly is very important when planning a wedding. Planning a wedding is time intensive and managing your time is very important to ensure you get done everything you need for the big day. You may have bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests all over the country and many of them may require answers on their tuxedo rental, bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride and groom dresses. And of course, let’s not forget the bride’s needs. Wedding dresses can cause brides to have some questions from suggestions for styles, alterations and accessories recommendations.

That’s why we think it’s important to go over several methods that may be of use to you, your fiance and guests when communicating with the formal wear provider.

Below is a description of ways that you can communicate with Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo when the need arises. Many of these methods of communication may be available from other bridal and tuxedos stores throughout the United States.

We’ve listed and described the most commonly used methods to communicate with us. The order of the list is the most popular methods used first:

Texting Our Store’s Telephone Number:

You read that correctly! You can actually text our store’s telephone number at 215-491-8500. The owners and their two daughters will actually personally answer your texts almost instantaneously! You are not getting a computer answering your text, it’s an actual person. The system is available about 16 hours a day. If you text outside of the hours the system is on, the owners will see your message and respond when they turn the system back on.

This is by far our most popular communication method with our customers. The convenience and immediate responses of communicating by text are the obvious reasons why this is our best customer service feature! Brides and grooms always tell us they love the service because of how easy it is to use. We couldn’t agree more.

Some ask simple questions, others request bridal or tuxedo appointments. Either way, you’ll get the answer you need quickly.

Online Chat Feature:

You will see on every page of our website a chat box that will allow you to start an online chat with Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo. Again, this chat is answered by a live person. Better yet, you will be speaking with the owners of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo! Again, this is a fast, simple way to get your questions answered immediately.


Yes, Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is on WhatsApp! You can reach our WhatsApp business account by clicking on our WhatsApp button on our store’s Facebook page or on Instagram @dariannabridal, scan our WhatsApp QR code or click on our WhatsApp link. We will answer your questions instantaneously!

Telephone Call:

Even we are surprised by this one. We receive hundreds of telephone calls a day from customers. We know texting us is wildly popular but many prefer to speak to a live person. You can call (or text) our telephone number and speak to someone 7 days a week. We have eight phone lines available and there is often no or little wait time to speak to our pleasant and kind staff. Of course you can leave a message if you call before or after hours. Our phone number is 215-491-8500, the same number that you can text as well!

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is a very popular way to communicate with Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo. We receive and reply to many messages on Facebook every day and even set bridal appointments this way.

Instagram Messages:

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo also receives and replies to messages via Instagram. Instagram is a very popular app for brides and grooms alike. We found that the app is used as much as or more often by brides for wedding planning research as Pinterest. So go ahead and message us through Instagram any time you want and we will get right back to you!

Google Business Profile and Google Maps Messaging:

If you’ve ever seen a business’ Google Business Profile, you will see that some of them have a chat button. Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo allows you to communicate with us via this button from a web browser or via Google Maps. This is yet another simple way to send us a message and receive an immediate reply.

Contact Us Page:

If your question or request is not urgent, you can always send us a message through our “Send Us a Message” page. We will reply to you by the method that you request: telephone, email, or text. This feature is more popular than you think. Just click here and you’ll be on your way to send us a message.


You can even send a message to Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo via Twitter. We will answer you immediately! Our handle is @dariannabridal

Apple Business Connection and Apple Maps:

As of late last year, Apple has been rolling out an advanced Apple Maps listing for companies called Apple Business Connect. While business Apple Maps listings have been a thing for about 10 years, the company is substantially increasing the features with showcases, photos, detailed company information and a chat feature. If you have a MAC, iPhone or iPad, you will soon be able to start an iMessage chat with any company who has the feature on Apple’s Map listing. For now, the feature is only available to national and international brands and we are hopeful that Apple rolls out the feature to family businesses like ours! Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is currently working with its online chat provider, LiveHelpNow to add this feature to Apple Maps.

We have tested this chat feature before and it is quite amazing. The chat is automatically directed to your iMessage app and works just like iMessaging. We are excited to be able to add this offering in the near future to provide yet another convenient and instantaneous way of communicating with our customers.

Final Note:

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo strives to provide 6-Star service and we believe having immediate access to us to answer your questions will make your life easier and ensure you have a smooth experience with our family-owned bridal and tuxedo store. We are always searching for new and easier ways to reach us. In fact, on a recent family vacation, we added the WhatsApp feature and created a multi-agent functionality so that each of our family members can communicate with you via our WhatsApp business account. I guess you’re never fully on vacation when you own a small business!

Feel free communicating with us using any of the above methods that work best for you. We are always here to help you and look forward to serving you!

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