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Wedding Dress Wednesday: Stella York Style 7424

Meet: Style 7424

Designer: Stella York

Stella York Style #7424
Stella York Style #7424

Why we love her: Stella York’s style 7424 is a bold and beaded beauty. A structured bodice juxtaposes a flowy and bouncy skirt. This dress is a modern princess dream. The bodice is covered in delicate beading while her ball-gown skirt is tiered with voluminous layers. The bodice is supported by thin spaghetti straps; the straps are lined with silver beads and pearls.

Stella York style 7424 has a V-back with beautiful beading over illusion mesh
V-back with beautiful beading over illusion mesh

The neckline is a classic V-shape, and the backline is a deeper V-shape. The open back will keep brides cool underneath all the beading. Front and back, the bodice is covered with bead patterns reminiscent of Cinderella’s carriage; this dress is certainly fit for a princess. The Diamante beading is a mix of pearls, silver beads, and sequins; the resulting effect is enchanting. This combination gives dimension to the bodice and highlights the intricate patterns. Brides will be able to find their perfect accessories with the mixed beading as well. The bodice is unlined, but brides are able to line it in alterations to their specific preferences if they wish.

Stella York 7424 has Delicately beaded spaghetti straps
Delicately beaded spaghetti straps

Stella York style 7424’s bodice stops at the natural waist, where a tiered ballgown skirt starts to flow out. The lush skirt has soft, cascading layers of tulle flowing downward. Each tier of the tulle skirt is finished with a stripe of horsehair; this helps the skirt hold its volume and shape. Brides will look as if they are floating on air while they walk down the aisle in this gown. The lightweight material of the skirt will not weigh brides down; they will be able to dance all night long! The juxtaposition of the flowy skirt and the beaded bodice is dramatic yet elegant; they are two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. The train is chapel-length and with the fullness of the tiered skirt, the train does not need to be an extravagant length to make an extravagant statement.

Stella York 7424 has a Lovely chapel train with horse hair trim
Lovely chapel train with horse hair trim

The train will glide down the aisle behind brides as they make the grandest of entrances. The layered skirt will camouflage the bustle so brides can party all night long! A zipper closure holds the dress shut, and four buttons with rhinestone centers hide the zipper– a super sweet and romantic detail! This stunning wedding dress is available in Ivory with the Diamante beading, Ivory with all-ivory beading, or White with all-white beading. 

She’s great for: Summer brides searching for those fairy tale princess vibes! The ballgown silhouette is dramatic yet lightweight. The open back and unlined bodice means brides will be able to keep cool in the gown, and they should feel any breeze that blows their way! Outdoor summer weddings can get hot, and this dress is the perfect solution for that. Venues that would complement 7424 include gardens, estates, and country clubs.

Gorgeous diamante beaded bodice

What makes her special: the beading on this gown can come in Diamante, which is the mixed beading described above, and it is the beading style that is on our sample gown in the store. Stella York also creates this gown in all ivory beading or all white beading. This allows brides to customize their gown and pick the coloring that suits them best. Brides can pick which beading will match their accent colors and accessories to create their dream wedding look! 

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Nico by L’Amour

Meet: Nico

Designer: L’Amour Bridal

Nico by L'Amour is a pretty A-line with 3D flower lace and an open back
Nico by L’Amour

Why We Love Her: Flirtatious. Romantic. Whimsical. Nico says it all! Her silhouette is a flattering a-line with a plunging v-neck neckline that will compliment every bride. The bodice then gradually leads up into thin mesh spaghetti straps, leaving an open neckline and allowing the attention to stay on the bodice. Extending up the straps and into the back, she has a sexy and low open scoop back that perfectly compliments the open neckline in the front!

The detailed bodice of Nico with layered floral lace and a plunge V-neck
The unique and stunning details on the bodice of Nico

Nico’s bodice is a stunning focal point of this dress! It consists of three main types of lace and detail which will leave the wedding guests shocked! It all begins with the first layer of glitter lace… that’s right, a thin delicate layer of detailing that is outlined in glitter! On top of that, she has a gorgeous applique lace that is shaped into leaves and vines and covers the majority of the dress. Then, to top it off, there are 3D floral appliques that pop off the dress, creating dimension and volume!

Moving down the skirt, the appliques and 3D florals gracefully cascade down throughout the entire dress and train. And because of the patchy lace design, this dress still captivates the light, airy, and romantic features without being too much! Finishing off the hem of the skirt and train, there is even a small horsehair lining that will allow the dress to flowy freely and beautifully all night long!

Nico's Illusion train makes an ethereal statement and a sweet, lightweight bustle
Illusion train makes an ethereal statement and a sweet, lightweight bustle

This beautiful dress is available in two gorgeous colors: ivory/ivory and ivory/ light nude (pictured). Both of these colors are paired with a skin illusion mesh that will be found in the bodice area to softly blend the dress to the bride’s skin tone! If that is not the look you want, do not worry, L’Amour also offers Nico with a lined bodice option that will fill in the top illusion mesh and make the dress more uniform throughout!

She’s Great For: A fun and outgoing bride! Her flirty and exciting details are a perfect match for a bubbly bride who knows how to have a good time! With her lightweight characteristics, Nico is an ideal dress for an outdoor or indoor venue at any time of the year! Her versatile qualities will absolutely shine on a ballroom dance floor, or glow on a sunny day in a garden. No matter where this gorgeous wedding dress is worn, she will center all attention around her!

Petals, flowers and shimmery vines run throughout the gorgeous Nico L'Amour dress
Petals, flowers and shimmery vines run throughout this gorgeous dress

What Makes Her Special: What makes Nico special is her ability to transform a bride and wedding into a magical night! With her illuminating features, her beauty speaks for herself! She will light up the dance floor and leave everyone captivated and wanting more! Unlike other dresses, there is no need to dress up with tons of accessories or jewelry because her details are enticing enough!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: India by Madi Lane

Meet: India

Designer: Madi Lane

India by Madi Lane (shown in ivory/sand with sleeves)
India by Madi Lane (shown in ivory/sand with sleeves)

Why We Love Her:

India is a modern day wedding dress that will be sure to make a statement. She is known for her unique bold lace that will be seen from any distance. This lace covers the entirety of the dress, making it lay perfectly all night long. It even extends up the neckline, making for a perfect transition into the thin, spaghetti straps!

India's Flattering neckline leads to thin shoulder spaghetti straps
Flattering neckline leads to thin straps

India’s neckline is every bride’s ideal shape. She has a gorgeous circular shaped v-neck with a slight plunge dip. Lining the edge of the neckline is the overlapping lace that ever-so-slightly hangs over the edge, allowing the dress to have no harsh cuts or lines! The spaghetti strap then perfectly transitions into the low v-back design. Again, matching the same concepts from the front, the lace extends past the edges!

India has a Low scooped out back with invisible zip close
Low scooped out back with invisible zip close

Moving down from the open back, India has a gorgeous short and manageable train that will gracefully follow every movement the bride makes without being a hassle! This train has an asymmetrical hem that ties perfectly in with the neckline edging! With all this detail, Madi Lane ensured that India will be captivating from every angle!

India's beautiful sweep train with scalloped lace trim
India’s beautiful sweep train with scalloped lace trim

Looking for comfort? India will not disappoint! She is going to be by far the most comfortable dress a bride tries on, making them never want to take her off! With her charmeuse stretch lining, the bride will not only look good, but feel good. Eating, dancing, sitting…. there will be no worry or hesitation doing any of those things. The bride will not even have to think twice! She will have the freedom to move and dance anyway she wants (she can even drop it low 😉 )!

India is available in ivory/nude, all ivory, and ivory/sand. Depending on the specific look the bride is looking for, changing the underlay color can convert the dress to fit multiple different vibes without any detail getting lost!

From the back you can see all the lace detail of India, especially in the sand color
From the back you can see all the lace detail

She’s Great For:

India is great for a bohemian bride and themed wedding. For a more traditional wedding, it will pair perfectly with lots of florals, earthy greenery, free-spirited centerpieces, and an outdoor venue. India will also be the ideal dress for any type of destination wedding or beach wedding due to the compatibility for traveling and wrinkle free material. Madi Lane dresses are designed in Australia and it is from that location that you can picture the beauty of this dress outdoors. Italy, Bahamas, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, you name it and India will complement it! She will perfectly condense for easy packing and the bride will not even have to worry about steaming it afterwards.

What Makes Her Special:

What makes India special above all else is her detachable flutter sleeves! Matching the exact pattern of the lace from the dress, these sleeves will be a bohemian brides dream! With the unique ability to attach and detach as the bride pleases, these straps can completely transform the look of the dress! Pictures can be taken with and without the straps and the bride can opt to wear them for half the night and then remove them when the dancing begins!

Our Wedding Dress Sample Closet

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo offers sample sale dresses all year that constantly change with new dresses added as others sell
Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo offers sale dresses all year

In the bridal world, a “sample” is the dress that brides try on in the store. Many of our brides try on the sample gown and then order in a new one for various reasons (size, color preference, customs, etc).

A sample sale is when a store is selling the sample dresses off the rack, usually for a discount!

First things first – why would a store sell their sample dresses? Well, stores order new dresses about twice a year when designers release their new collections. One reason is that we simply need to make room for the new collections and the best way to do that is to sell some of the gowns already in the store.

Another reason is that dresses are discontinued by the designer. And, there is also the risk of holding onto a dress for so long that it becomes unwearable from the wear and tear.

Our favorite reason to sell them, however, is to make the bride’s vision work in light of any limitations there may be.

There are many reasons that a bride may opt to purchase a sample gown. One of the most common reasons is when the bride is on a strict timeline and does not have time to order.

Our designers ship dates run about 4-6 months to order in a new dress, and sometimes their rush dates cannot accommodate the bride’s schedule. This is a convenient option for brides because they get to take the dress home with them that day! We have had brides come in as late as the DAY BEFORE her wedding and purchase a sample. If we can make it work, we will! 

Other times, the dress is discontinued before the right bride could find her, and we cannot reorder it for her. That is where the sample comes into play! Given that the gown is around the size needed and that the appropriate alterations can be done to make the dress work, the bride would take the dress and keep her safe until it was time to begin alterations.

Sample sales are a great option for brides on a budget! These sales usually have a very decent selection of gowns available, and they can be marked down pretty significantly! The marked down price is often determined by the condition of the gown being offered off the rack. Slight wear and tear is common on these, but seamstresses are fully equipped to make your dress look as good as new!

This also goes for brides who purchase an off the rack dress that does not quite fit yet. We have personally seen a bride fall in love with the discontinued dress of her dreams that was a few sizes too small. She then worked with a seamstress to redesign the back and it was as good as new! We have also seen a size 12 taken down to a size 0 that looked absolutely perfect (** please note that this is NOT recommended and will NOT work with every dress. There is typically a hefty cost associated with altering a dress that much).

Stores across the country typically offer sample sales a few times a year, but one unique aspect of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is that ours goes all year round! We feature them in our online Sample Closet that is updated continuously because it changes continuously!

Interested in the dress of your dreams? Find it HERE in our Sample Closet – click on the photo for the dress designer, name, color, size, original price, and sale price! To make an appointment to try them on, click HERE and tell us which ones you want to try!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Celine by Eddy K

Meet Celine!

Designer: Eddy K Dreams Collection

 Eddy K Celine from the dreams collection
Eddy K Celine from the Dreams collection

Why We Love Her:

Celine is every girl’s dream dress! She has a beautiful ball gown silhouette that won’t leave anyone questioning who the bride is. She is a statement dress that will complement every bride that wears her. Celine has a gorgeous slightly plunged neckline with a mesh insert that will ensure everything stays in place and covered throughout the night; eating, dancing and all!

The bodice is shaped with boning that allows for the ideal small waist look to be shown. On top, Celine has stunning leaf and vine applique that gradually extends up the straps into the back as well as down to the skirt.

The plunge neckline has mesh to keep it in place
The plunge neckline has mesh to keep it in place

The illusion thick straps perfectly extend down into the illusion scoop back. This allows the bride to have the sexy appeal and show some skin without being too scandalous! The back is finished with buttons that add the perfect touch of detail!

 Celine has a scooped out back with buttons, illusion mesh, and lace with a vine leaf pattern
Celine has a scooped out back with buttons

Moving down to the skirt and train, she is made up of endless layers of tulle that makes the volume of the dress. One layer consists of a sequin detailed tulle that will give a never ending iridescent sparkle in every lighting. On top of that, the continuous embroidered lace modern design that cascades throughout the entirety of the dress! This detail creates the glitzy, romantic, and earthy feel that is perfect for weddings of all types. The train is then finished off with a stiff horsehair edge in order to ensure that the dress and train moves with the bride and lays perfectly all night!

Romantic from the front and the back, celine's ball gown train is full of sparkle and lace
Romantic from the front and the back!

Celine is available in two different colors: all ivory (shown in pictures) and ivory/champagne. For a more traditional look, the ivory will be the ideal color; however, for a bride looking for a more bohemian look, the ivory/champagne will be perfect!

She’s Great For:

A spring or summer statement! Her elegant ball gown shape combined with her intricate leafy detail is perfect for extravagant outdoor venues with lots of greenery and floral accents!

The sparkle underneath the skirt of Celine glitters in every direction
The sparkle underneath glitters in every direction

What Makes Her Special:

Her matching veil! That’s right: leave it to the Italian designer Eddy K to create a gorgeous cathedral length veil that can be ordered to match and blend perfectly.

 Celine has a matching cathedral veil for the perfect accessory
Celine has a matching cathedral veil for the perfect accessory

No need to add the extra stress and worry about trying to find a similar lace pattern,beading, or color because the designer did the work for you! Her veil has patches of the exact lace from the dress, making it a seamless transition.

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Carrie by Casablanca Bridal

Meet Carrie!
Designer: Casablanca Bridal

Carrie by Casablanca bridal is a beautiful beaded ball gown with a shimmery skirt
Carrie by Casablanca bridal is a classic beaded beauty

Why we love her: Carrie is an absolute stunner of a gown. Her intricate details make a statement that is sure to wow each and every guest. She works wonderfully with all body types and wedding vibes. From her beaded bodice to her sparkle tulle to her deep, plunging back, she is extraordinary through and through, top to bottom. 

Carrie is on the cusp of an a-line and a ballgown. Her skirt has layers of tulle that create a soft and romantic look, and a layer of sparkle tulle adds a delicate shimmer to her. Brides wearing this beauty will shine from all angles! Her layers are lightweight, so brides won’t feel weighed down as they wear her. Her silhouette is timeless, and her detail is immaculate. 

The back of the Carrie dress is dramatic and classic
The back of Carrie is dramatic and classic

Her bodice is pristinely decorated with a mix of beading. Pearls, crystals, silver beads, and iridescent beads come together seamlessly in vine and leaf patterns. The beaded patterns cover the bodice completely, and they extend down over the waistline. This softens the natural waistline by avoiding a harsh transition.

The mixed beads add dimension to the bodice and give it fairy tale vibes. Carrie’s neckline has a deep plunge, perfect for brides looking to add a little spice to a gown this sweet. Double spaghetti straps with beaded detailing keep the gown secure all night long, so brides can dance the night away without a second thought. 

Casablanca's Carrie dress has double beaded straps
Double beaded straps

All of the elegance and detail on the front of the dress is reflected on her back as well. The same exquisite beading patterns wrap around the dress to the back. Carrie has an illusion back; the beading looks like it is laying directly on the bride’s skin. Illusion backs and the dreamy effect they give are commonly sought after by brides. It is a great way to show a little skin while wearing a gown with a fuller skirt.

The plunging neckline in the front is mirrored in the back as well with a deep scoop shape. She has a cathedral-length train, so walking down the aisle will be a dramatic moment for brides, guests, everyone!

Gorgeous beaded bodice in front and back
Gorgeous beaded bodice in front and back

Carrie is available in Champagne/Nude, Ivory/Nude, Ivory/Ivory (pictured), and White/White.  

She’s great for: brides wanting to feel like a princess! She gives major Cinderella vibes, from her silhouette to her sparkle. She is elegant, romantic, and absolutely stunning, perfect for venues like estates and gardens. She flatters every body shape with her full shirt and structured bodice, so every bride can look flawless on her big day!   

Carrie's intricate and extraordinary beading is breathtaking
The intricate and extraordinary beading is breathtaking

What makes her special: her beading! The sheer amount of beads on this gown is astonishing, and their placement is nothing short of masterful, in true Casablanca Bridal fashion. It is common for gowns to place beading on top of lace appliques to enhance the applique, but her beading is the star of the show.

The beading itself makes the vine and leaf pattern, it is not placed on top of vine and leaf lace appliques. The mixture of the type of beads used gives Carrie an ethereal glimmer, perfect for brides looking for their fairy tale wedding dress!

Carrie can also come with detachable tulle bishop sleeves with the matching beading at the cuffs, or add off the shoulder straps to complete a cold shoulder look! A dress not to be overlooked during your search for the perfect wedding dress!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Kitty Chen Alessandra

Meet: Alessandra

Designer: Kitty Chen

Alessandra from Kitty Chen front view of beaded straps, plunge neck, lace pattern and fanned to the side train
Alessandra from Kitty Chen

Why we love her: If you are a bride looking to turn heads and WOW your partner at the end of the aisle, look no further than Alessandra by Kitty Chen! This stunning fit and flare has a little bit of everything blended seamlessly to make one knock-out gown. A v-neck plunge dips low into the bodice while side cut outs provide the most flattering hourglass shape. Beaded spaghetti straps nicely hold up the bodice, and adorn the low back with a little bit of beaded flare as they meet the gorgeous illusion back! 

Split beaded back straps
Split beaded back straps

The gown hugs the body nicely with her structured bodice and fitted skirt while still being flexible to movement and dancing with her soft lining. Alessandra’s sequined, shimmery lace lies atop a layer of subtle glitter tulle, and trickles all the way down the flared skirt to intricate, floral hem lace. The double-tiered, asymmetrical train is unlined and emphasizes the beauty of the lace for your walk to say “I do!”. 

She’s great for: the bride who wants a sexy (yet tasteful), fun, and flattering gown! Between the plunged neckline, sheer cutouts, and low back, there is a little bit of skin shown off at every angle while still maintaining a bit of modesty with a bit of lace coverage. Brides looking for some drama will LOVE Alessandra’s incredible back. The train pops against the ground to highlight the unique lace, but remains light and airy when it comes time to bustle her up.

Signature Kitty Chen low sexy back and layered scalloped lace train
Signature Kitty Chen low back and layered scalloped lace train

Alessandra is a very versatile gown when it comes to venues! Her elegant floral lace pattern would be perfect for a more formal wedding held in a country club, hotel, or ballroom. Imagine those photos on a grand staircase or shimmering in the city lights! The lightweight nature of the dress, low back, and cutouts ensure that this is a gown that brides will not overheat in which would also make her perfect for a beach wedding. Traveling with Alessandra is a breeze, only requiring a quick steam out when she arrives to your venue.

Ornate leaves and rose shimmery applique
Ornate leaves and rose shimmery applique

What makes her special: What doesn’t make Alessandra special? To know her is to love her! Her glitter tulle and sequined lace shimmer with each step you take and draw the eye to the incredible detail in this gown. Her low back with straps that split give the low and ornate back an extra boost! Her versatility to appeal to brides of all ages, venues, and shapes make Alessandra an amazing option for any bride. This dramatic fit and flare has it all without being too much, and not every gown can handle this amount of detail without being overwhelming.

Kitty Chen Alessandra is available in store in the khaki color with ivory lace (as pictured), but she is soon to be available in store in ivory with ivory lace! She is also offered in white on white lace. Come try her on for yourself here at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo!

Dress Shopping… Alone

Wedding dress shopping is often an event that takes on a life of its own: hundreds of pinned photos, an overwhelming number of options, so many stores, and the opinions from large groups. Some brides relish it all, but others want a simple trip solo.

We received a letter for our series that definitely needs to be read whether you are a bride to be, or have been asked to join her dress shopping. It goes nicely with our Guest Etiquette blog regarding the positive comments, although this takes it a step further.

Don’t be insulted if you are not asked to join her.

Dear family and friends,

You know that I love you and I’m thrilled that you guys are so excited to be part of my wedding plans! Your encouragement and support in a time so special means the world to me. I have been enjoying sharing the planning process with you all, so please don’t take it the wrong way when I tell you that wedding dress shopping is something I need to do by myself.

It is no secret that I’m a little self conscious so it should come as no surprise that putting on dresses and standing on a pedestal for your opinions and judgements sounds like a recipe for disaster for my self esteem. These dresses are not all my size and will not be altered to me which leads me to think I will need some extra time and peace to clearly process my thoughts on each dress.

When my sister went dress shopping, I heard the comments that mom, grandmom, and everyone else made during the process. I know they all came from a good place and she handled it fine, but I don’t think I could have a productive appointment knowing that I am being subjected to such judgment from those I love.

I also watched as she was forced into ballgowns and blingy dresses “for fun” – dresses she didn’t even want to try. You all meant well and were just having fun, but that is a nightmare situation for me.

Pictures were being taken of every single dress from every angle and I was horrified imagining myself in that position someday. Now it is my turn and I just cannot go through it.

For these reasons, those initial appointments will be between me and my consultant. I trust that they will help guide me in the right direction and pull dresses for me that I may not have considered for myself without distracting or confusing me! I am confident that I will be able to find a dress I love with their help.

Maybe if I find a couple I am torn between, I will bring you back to help me make the final decision! If I do find and commit to “the one” without you all there, I will bring you all in to see it when the dress comes in my correct size and color. I would love your help with veils, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories that would complement the dress! I know that you all will have great ideas to make my vision come to life even more than I could have thought of.

Please don’t take this as me trying to exclude you from dress shopping with me. I know most brides love to have their crew alongside them when they say yes to the dress. As much as I would love to, this is a huge decision that I need to make alone without feeling self-conscious. I want to make sure that I am getting exactly what I want and feel beautiful and confident in. I love you all dearly and can’t wait to have the big reveal!


The Lone Bride

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Argentina by Eddy K

Meet Argentina!
Designer: Eddy K

 Eddy K's Argentina combines lace, crepe, pearls, and buttons for a unique and stunning wedding dress
Eddy K’s Argentina combines lace, crepe, pearls, and buttons for a unique and stunning wedding dress

Why we love her: Argentina is a seamless blend between timeless elegance and modern flare! A gorgeous leafy and floral lace pattern frames the plunging neckline and lies atop a romantic, ruched tulle bodice. The lace continues effortlessly down the sides to the hips, helping to flatter the figure. If you think the front of this fabulous little fit and flare is pretty, wait until you see the back! 

 Beautiful low back with buttons down to the scalloped edge
Beautiful low back with buttons down to the scalloped edge

Her beaded spaghetti straps lead to the most incredible low, illusion back adorned with lace and a little sparkle. Buttons line the back and lead straight down to her stunning train! The asymmetrical, illusion and lace train is every wedding photographers dream for exquisite dress detail shots. And for an added bonus – the train is lightweight which makes for a very easy bustle to carry around while you celebrate your big day!

She’s great for: the trendy yet classic bride! Every so often we get a bride who is torn between wanting a dress that she will look back on fondly, but also wants some elements of modernity. The crepe skirt is very popular among brides right now, appealing to a variety of brides for the clean and elegant feel. Argentina’s bodice is ultra-feminine with her dainty straps, subtle shimmer, and small pearl detail.

Gorgeous lace placed in scalloped pattern on the train of Eddy K Argentina wedding dress
Gorgeous lace placed in scalloped pattern on the train with buttons running the length

This dress has a little bit of everything wrapped up into one perfect gown. Argentina is also the perfect dress for the bride looking to elongate her stature. The subtle seams flowing down the skirt create the illusion of longer legs while the hip hugging lace defines the torso. She is a great gown if you are looking to emphasize your shape but do not want to sacrifice comfort. This is the perfect choice for the bride who likes to get down on the dance floor or will be on the go greeting all of her guests.

What makes her special: Her versatility! This is a gown that you can dress up to add some more pizzazz or leave as is for a more simple style. Argentina is a low maintenance dress in the sense that she is ready to wear with or without any accessories. She looks stunning right on her own! Her constant shimmer and pearl details give brides plenty of flexibility to decide what kind of jewelry to wear on their special day! Dress her up with some dangly earrings or an understated bracelet. 

Light ruching, lace, and pearls on the bodice
Light ruching, lace, and pearls on the bodice

Like what you see but need a little more drama? Argentina has a matching cathedral veil! The soft tulle falls in romantic pleats while trailing behind the bride and complementing the detail of the front. Her lace pattern begins down at the hemline and extends beyond the train which frames the gown perfectly.

Argentina is also a bridal gown that you can wear in ANY venue! Her elegance lends her to be the perfect choice for a ballroom or mansion wedding while her floral lace would work effortlessly in a garden, barn, or on the beach. This is a wedding dress that checks every box, so schedule your appointment to say yes to Eddy K‘s Argentina!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Cairo by Eddy K

Meet Cairo!

Designer: Eddy K, Italia Collection

Cairo by Eddy K bridal is a fit and flare with an incredible amount of sparkle
Cairo by Eddy K is a fit and flare that shines and sparkles from every angle

Why We Love Her: Cairo is a drop-dead gorgeous dress for brides looking to make a statement. She has a stunning fit and flare silhouette that will hug every curve on the bride while the bodice boning will give a dream hourglass shape. Her stretchy material will let the bride move freely without being too restricted as well! She has a slight plunge neckline that is lined with mesh in order to give a sexy look without being too scandalous. Extending up from the bodice are thin, mesh double-bead lined straps that perfectly transition into the scoop-back.

Thin double beaded straps on Eddy K Cairo dress give extra support to the plunge neckline
Thin double-beaded straps lend extra support

Cairo’s back is just another glamorous detail that contributes to this dress. It begins with a beaded-edged illusion lace low back that makes it have a sexy look while also showcasing the lace design of the dress. The lace then graciously transitions down into the beautiful lace-edged tulle train. Because the ivory underlayer of the dress is cut to floor length, the extension of the tulle train shows off Cairo’s detail even more!

Incredible sparkle and detailing on Eddy K Cairo dress as seen from the back featuring the chapel train
Here you can see the incredible sparkle and detail!

Cairo’s intricate detailing and over-the-top sparkle is to die for! She has a tulle skirt that is heavily embroidered with various sized iridescent sequins and will sparkle in any lighting. On top of that layer, Cairo has a gorgeous floral and leaf lace layer that softly cascades down the dress. And of course those appliques have sequins on top!

Close-up showing the lace detailing including floral overlaid on vines with sequin detailing underneath on Eddy K Cairo
Close-up of the lace details and sparkle

Cairo is available in two different colors: all ivory (shown in store pictures) and ivory/mocha/almond. As you can see, the all ivory version focuses on showcasing the glitz and glam of this dress, whereas the ivory/mocha version will make the lace pop!

She’s Great For: Cairo is great for the glamorous bride that wants to have a WOW wedding dress! Her sparkle will be seen by every person at the weddings no matter how far the bride is standing. With the sparkle vibe of this dress, it would perfectly fit into a ballroom venue. However, if the bride wanted a more summer themed wedding, then switching this dress color to the ivory/mocha version and highlighting the floral lace would be the way to go!

Eddy K Cairo dress has a very low back with mesh detailing and buttons and a very unique and sexy sweetheart at the back waist!
Gorgeous details on the back including a very sexy addition of a sweetheart at the waist!

What Makes Her Special: What makes Cairo special is the amount of sparkle that she has, and her ability to completely transform looks by simply switching the color of the underlayer. Unlike most dresses whose sparkle gets muted, Cairo’s sequins will be easily seen throughout the entire night and in photos (as pictured). Also, because her glam comes solely from sequins, the bride will not have to worry about the shedding glitter that sticks to ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!

Another unique characteristic of Cairo is that she has a matching veil! No need to worry about the hassle of finding the perfect matching veil, because the Eddy K design team already did the work for you!