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4th of July Engagement

How popular is it to get engaged on the 4th of July?  It turns out, quite popular!  

A quick Google search shows that over the years, Independence Day is always in the top 10 days of the year to be proposed to and receive an engagement ring.

It certainly makes sense.  You already have built in fireworks to help you celebrate and perpetuate the elevated emotions and excitement.  Family and friends usually get together for the national holiday and there’s an opportunity for brides and grooms-to-be to allow others to celebrate in the moment with them.  Based on the uptick of bridal appointments around the 4th of July, we also find that many brides are home for the holiday.  This is the perfect opportunity for them to shop for a bridal gown with mom, sister, grandmom, and friends!

Best Time of The Year for a Wedding

Over the years, WeddingWire has reported that almost 40% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving Day and Valentines’ Day.  That’s a pretty large percentage and Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo can attest to that because of the rush of bridal appointments we receive during that period.  We even experience a waiting list for brides-to-be to be able to shop for wedding dresses with us during that time of year.

So where does the 4th of July fall in terms of popularity of the day to propose?  A quick search shows three different things:  1) July 4th is always in the top 10 of days to get engaged; 2) some websites place the popularity of the day higher than others; and 3) each year the order and importance of the day to get engaged changes.  The data collected online is based on surveys of those who got engaged.

The last survey we found from WeddingWire showed that Independence Day was the 5th most popular day to get engaged out of a total of the 10 most popular days. Two other surveys we found placed the 4th of July at #2 and #10.

Whether you are getting a ring on the 4th of July or were already proposed to on that day, congratulations!  We hope your wedding planning journey brings you excitement, joy, and fun!

Tell us when you got engaged, no matter what time of year it was!  We will publish the results in a follow up blog.  If you would like to be featured in our blog, text us at 215-491-8500 or fill out our contact form. We’d love to hear the story of your engagement!