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Deanna Salerno Prom Stylist

Deanna Salerno

She's the Anna of Darianna®! Meet Deanna who is now in our prom department and ready to help you. She was 5 years old when we opened our doors so she knows nothing but Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo, and now she joins the rest of the family in the store!

She is a sophomore at CB South, loves 80s music, plays the guitar, and is an avid traveler. Deanna is an old soul with an incredible maturity for her age, she is kind-hearted, calm, and easy to be around. She knows the inventory inside out and can easily pick your yes dress! So proud to have our Deanna in the store!

In her own words, 5 things to know about her are:

1. I love writing stories and listening to music

2. I play guitar and sing

3. My favorite color is purple

4. I love traveling in Europe

5. My favorite place in Europe is Saas-Fee, Switzerland

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