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Paloma Blanca

You know that moment when you just know that something is right, and for a few fleeting seconds, everything’s quiet and time seems to stop? We want you to experience that same feeling of joy, assurance, and comfort when you try on your perfect dress. Paloma Blanca wedding dresses offer the look, feel, elegance, and classic sophistication of high fashion couture at an attractive price point. Schedule an appointment with us today to experience the Paloma Blanca feeling for yourself!

  • All Paloma Blanca wedding dresses are handmade at Paloma’s hometown facilities in Toronto
  • Paloma Blanca is the largest manufacturer of wedding dresses in North America
  • New styles are introduced twice a year for the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections
  • Paloma Blanca bridal gowns have graced the pages of popular international wedding magazines and have been featured on numerous television shows and film productions
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