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How to Have a Wonderful Bridal Appointment

Bucks County wedding dressesFinding your gown is one of the most magical experiences you will have.  You are going to get married in that dress, and that’s extraordinary!

To keep that floating on air feeling, Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo offers some tips for a successful bridal appointment:

When do I start looking?  The best time to shop for and purchase your gown is 9 to 12 months before the wedding. You will see the newest collections and you still have enough time for it to arrive and to be sure the dress fits.

What day of the week?  If you don’t mind a crowd, Saturday is the day for you.  Saturday is the busiest appointment day of the week!  If you are a private, low-key type, a weekday afternoon would be perfect for you.

How long will my appointment last?  At Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, you’ll spend 90 minutes with a bridal consultant who is dedicated and professional, but also fun.

How many guests should I bring?   It’s up to you. We’ve had groups of 12 or more and we’ve had solo appointments. Your wedding gown is a very big decision, so you may want to have people  whose opinions you value while you choose your dress. Just keep in mind that more people can mean more talking and less time trying on gowns.  If you feel overwhelmed, be sure to tell your consultant.  She is there for you.

What can I expect?  At Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, you can expect to be treated in a welcoming and friendly manner, with no pressure or pushy sales tactics.  Your consultant will have a conversation with you about your preferences, and together you will look through our gown gallery.

Bucks county wedding dresses

You can try on any you like (we recommend that you stick to those within your budget, though!) and your consultant will pull a few that you would never have chosen for yourself, based on your comments, body type, coloring, and the like.  You might be pleasantly surprised at one of those “wildcards”!  When you do find your dress, you can expect a big cheer with lots of hugs, photos, and for those who wish, a champagne toast!  It is an amazing time!

Here’s what bride Amanda M. had to say about her appointment:

Amanda M: “I had such a great experience at Darianna Bridal finding and buying my wedding dress!  The staff there was super friendly and knowledgeable, and helped me find a dress that exactly matched my vision!  Because I was coming from another salon, and already had a dress in mind from that store, they were able to show me things different from that dress, but still had everything I was looking for.  They provided great feedback on every dress I tried on, but also let me make the decision.  

Also, I had a HUGE entourage with me (12 people!), but they were able to manage all those people and their opinions and made sure I was the focus of the entire appointment.  When I said “Yes to the Dress,” they had champagne for us to celebrate with, and even sent me a gorgeous flower bouquet to my home a few days later.  Their #1 focus is definitely on the customer and made sure the bride feels like a princess on such an important day.  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone else looking for their dream dress!!!”

What Else Should I Know?

  • You are not going to hurt your consultant’s feelings by not trying on/not liking a dress.  We want to keep the wrong gowns off and the right ones on!
  • It is your wedding, and your decision.  Opinions are fine, but don’t say yes to someone else’s dress.  Dress regret is a terrible thing!
  • Shoes are not necessary, but if you prefer to add a little height you can bring comfortable shoes that are easily slipped on and off.
  • Strapless bras are fine to wear and can be removed if necessary to get the full effect of a backless or illusion-back gown.
  • Do not go gown shopping on an empty stomach.
  • Gowns have beautiful necklines and straps, intricate laces and beading.  If you have long hair, definitely bring a hair tie so you can put it up and get the full effect!
  • Your consultant will ask you if you prefer a bit of privacy in the dressing room or if you want her in with you.

It is likely you will be anxious and filled with questions… What if I don’t like anything? (You will!)

What if nothing looks good on me?  (Many will!)

What if I don’t have the moment where I find the right dress?  (You will, and it’s amazing!)

Make your appointment with us, and we are sure your search for Bucks County wedding dresses — or bridesmaids dresses or tuxedo rentals — will be stress-free and fun.

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