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Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress Shopping

Mother of the bride/groom dresses are coming back!

For a number of reasons we stopped selling mother dresses for a few years, but with changes to the retail sector, as well as to the entire wedding industry, we need to change as well.

Many major, well-known retailers are closing locations, filing Chapter 11, or going to an online platform and now moms ask us daily where to go for a dress.

Moms want and deserve to feel special during this exciting time! She watches her daughter try on dresses and say yes, why should she have a dress show up on her doorstep in a bag? Trying on at home alone, with her questions going unanswered? We think moms deserve better than that…

So excited to announce our new Mothers line arriving this fall: MGNY by Madeline Gardner! She is the designer of the Morilee brand of wedding dresses, known for fit, style, and class. Because we have carried Morilee for over a year, we can attest to all of those, as well as quality, shipping, and delivery dates.

Every mom says “I am the mother of the bride (groom), but I don’t want to look like one.” We all understand – that means she doesn’t want to look old, out of style, or the dreaded ‘frumpy’. With MGNY, you won’t!


Off the shoulder ftted dress

This line has everything our moms want:

  • youthful, yet appropriate styles
  • great fit, solid construction
  • wide choice of quality fabrics
  • colors to blend beautifully with the party
  • fast shipping times

Perfect for dancing

Some good tips to consider when starting your search are:

  • Ask the couple if they have a preference on what you wear.
  • Let the mother of the bride choose her gown first.  Unless this has been mutually agreed otherwise, she goes first.
  • Consider venue, location, time of day, and probable temperature, as well as any religious or cultural customs.
  • Choose a color that complements the color palette of the wedding.
  • Start looking about 6-9 months before to get an idea of what styles you like.
  • Order your gown 5-6 months in advance.  Some gowns can take 3-4 months to arrive.
Mother of the bride/groom dresses are back at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo! MGNY by Madelyn Gardner is arriving this fall!
Beautiful in emerald green

Some no-no’s to keep in mind:

Do not attempt to out-do the bride or the other mother. Wear what you feel best in while complementing them and the wedding party.

Do not wear white, ivory, the same color as the other mother, or the bridesmaids.  Unless directed otherwise (perhaps a black-tie or holiday affair), it is also advisable to avoid black and red.

Do not pick a size based on what you “intend” to be at the wedding.  Buy your gown in the size you are and have it taken in, if necessary.  You’ll be happy you did either way.

Perfect for a black tie or holiday reception

Our introductory trunk show for MGNY is already scheduled for October 23-25, 2020! If your mom or MIL is going to need a dress, this is the show for her!

So excited to have this new line to offer moms and don’t worry, you wont look like a “mother of the bride”…

What Is A Sample Dress?

Do the words “sample dress” or “bridal sample sale” make you wonder what it means? Stock piece, sample dress, off the rack – they are all the same thing:

It is simply a dress in our store that has been tried on by brides! Never worn or altered, just tried on.

That is why it is a discounted price, because it is not new from the designer.

Our customers are able to purchase a sample dress right off of the rack, meaning that exact dress you purchase and take home! Sample gowns are excellent for a bride that’s on a budget, they are fantastic for a minimony, and a dress change for the ceremony or reception!

They are also great for brides in a time crunch or a shorter engagement, since they are purchased right off the rack instead of waiting for the dress to come in months from the designer. It allows our brides to get a designer dress at a discounted cost, and hey, who doesn’t like to save money where they can… especially when planning a wedding!

Sample Madi Lane lace dress with detachable flutter sleeves and a champagne undertone
Sample Madi Lane dress

We take excellent care of our sample gowns, and they are just as good as new. Of course, like any dress you are able to take it to a seamstress for alterations to allow it to fit like a glove.

Morilee fitted lace dress with open back and beaded straps, cathedral train
Sample Morilee dress

Most (not all) of our sample dresses are available all year for discounted off the rack purchase. We have scheduled week-long sales events throughout the year offering a large choice of dresses from which to choose, and flash sales that are only several hours long (but with much bigger discounts!) and announced much closer to the event.

Make an appointment to come in and try on many of our sample sale dresses or call or text 215-491-8500. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo family!

New and Safer Appointments

COVID-19 has changed the way we serve our brides and grooms, but it is truly for the better! Deeper and more frequent cleaning processes, limiting group sizes, contactless payment methods – these are all measures that work regardless of a pandemic. It is about being safe, healthy, and providing that environment for all of our customers and staff all the time.

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is open 7 days a week and is accepting appointments to try on wedding dresses, choose and try on tuxedos and suits, select and try on bridesmaid dresses and soon to choose your mother of the bride or groom dress.

Being a family owned business, the safety and health of our customers and employees are vital to us.  In order comply with CDC guidelines and recommendations, we have implemented the following procedures:

  1. All employees and customers are required to wear a mask in the store at all times.  If you need a mask, we will provide you one for free.
  2. Temperature checks are required for all staff and guests.
  3. We are limiting guests to your bridal or tuxedo appointment to 3 persons plus the bride and groom.  Any additional guests may participate by video call.
  4. For safety of the children, we ask that children under 13 not be part of your appointment unless being measured for a tuxedo or suit.
  5. We have a large store so we will be practicing adequate social distancing. It is also a good idea to consider limiting the number of stores you visit to reduce exposure to yourself and others.
  6. Walk-ins are welcome and we take them as time and space allows. We ask that you call or text us before arriving to make sure there is room and we can take you: 215-491-8500
  7. Hand sanitizer is provided for your convenience.
  8. After each appointment, our staff sanitizes areas used by customers and staff.
  9. At the end of the day, fitting garments are steamed and our store’s daily cleaning procedures are completed.

We Go the Extra Mile

Our professional commercial cleaning company is certified and trained to manage infection control and contamination for the corona-virus.  They are so capable at what they do that they are used by some of the local hospitals on a regular basis for cleaning.  You can read more about them here.

Video Appointments

We have been doing video participation and appointments since March 2020 and we have gotten quite good at this! If you prefer to do a video bridal or tuxedo appointment, text us at 215-491-8500 and we will make arrangements for you.

For parties exceeding the number of allowable guests, we would be happy to assist you in allowing other friends and family to participate in your appointment via video.

In addition, if you or someone in your group is not feeling well, please let us know in advance and we can either reschedule the appointment, or assist you in allowing for that person to participate by video.

Contactless Payment Methods

To minimize contact to surfaces, we do offer contactless payment methods: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and RFID enabled credit and debit cards.  While paying in this way is not required, we do offer the ability to pay in this manner for your convenience and added safety.  As always, we accept, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash and checks.

Welcome to Our Family

Our family is ready to serve your family and your safety and health are our first priorities.

Just What Is Boho?

Every bride’s wedding day vision is equally as unique as she is, and her dress makes up a large part of her vision!

When a bride begins her search for a wedding dress, she comes in with an idea of what theme will best fit her vision. Some are searching for an elegant, timeless gown with little embellishment or lightweight gowns for a destination wedding. Others desire beaded beauties to fit themes like Hollywood glam or New Year’s Eve.

Brides in search of Bohemian style dresses are increasing in popularity, and those who come in searching for these specific dresses have a variety of meanings to what they think makes a dress qualify as “boho”.

While the meaning of bohemian can be rather ambiguous, there are a few specifications that remain rather consistent.

Boho gowns typically are inspired by nature and may encapsulate different aspects of nature through floral lace patterns.

Typically a bohemian gown will be romantic and incorporate natural colors such as champagne, mocha, or blush. Regardless of the dress shape, there is typically a light and flowy component that makes the dress feel unique and wondrous.

Some brides look for a heavier, bold lace overlay like the ones on the Madi Lane India and Marley dresses. The natural champagne underlay creates the perfect backdrop for the intricate lace design to really pop!

India in champagne/ivory
Madi Lane Marley

Other boho brides look for more floral or vine-like elements in the lace. Gowns like Elora and Harper are perfect examples of this

Elora in mocha/ivory
Madi Lane Elora Video
Harper in ivory
Madi Lane Harper Video

Abigail and Aubrey have gorgeous beaded lace floral patterns that look incredible on the boho bride with an outdoor ceremony. While keeping the earthy feel, the light sparkle adds to the detail. Abigail has a detachable off the shoulder sleeve while Aubrey has a lovely and whimsical tiered skirt.

Abigail with detachable sleeves
Aubrey has a tiered skirt

Our slim a-line Madison gown by Madi Lane is a soft champagne color with stunning floral lace and a delicate tulle overskirt that flows beautifully behind the bride as she walks down the aisle.

Madison with cap sleeves and vine

Boho also includes flowy plain skirts attached to lacy, light, more open bodices, like the Normandie by Enzoani, that can be accessorized with flowers perfectly placed in the bride’s hair!

Normandie by Enzoani

Bohemian brides want their dresses to work perfectly with their venues, too. Typically outdoors, these ceremonies are anywhere from an open backyard, a woodsy clearing, a garden setting, even a mountaintop! Can’t you picture it? Wildflowers the elements of nature all around, and a beautiful bride, natural and real, in her perfectly flowy boho dress!

Long sleeve Sincerity Bridal dress with eyelet lace

Make an appointment to see these dresses and more and say yes to your perfect dress!

Bridal Appointment FAQs

You’re engaged and making appointments to find your wedding dress, how incredibly exciting! As Bridal Stylists, we know It can also cause anxiety. It is fear of the unknown with question after question running through your head! This blog will answer our most frequently asked questions and hopefully put your mind at ease coming to us.

When should I buy my dress?
We recommend buying a dress 9-12 months out from your big day. Dresses take 4-5 months to arrive and 1-2 months for fittings with the seamstress to make it just perfect! See our blog When to say “Yes to the Dress!” for more details.

Is this dress white?
A fun fact is that all of the gowns in our store are actually in ivory (except for one which helps to show our brides the contrast!) Ivory is a beautiful, soft, and classic bridal white. We also have gowns available in a different combination of ivory to emphasize dress details and applique including champagne, mocha, blush and much more!

Do I need to bring shoes?
You don’t need shore for your try on! Shoes are important when you begin the alteration process with your seamstress. However, if you are planning to wear heels, it isn’t a bad idea to bring them along to show the skirt proportion because you will need less of a hem. If you are wearing flats or a low heel it isn’t necessary to bring them along. It is your choice though if you’d like to bring shoes!

How long will my dress take to come in?
Dresses take approximately 4-5 months to come in from the designer.

How long will my veil take to come in?
Veils – and most accessories – can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months depending on the designer. It is best to order your dress and accessories at the same time.

What’s a bustle?
A bustle holds up and supports the train of a gown. The gown train is typically worn down for photographs and the ceremony, and then bustled and gently tucked up for the cocktail hour and reception. This allows the bride to freely move around.

Do you do alterations on site?
We do not do alterations on-site but we have two fabulous, local seamstress professionals that handle our bridal gowns.  You will have a private fitting in their studios. They are amazing!

Should I wear a bra?
You do not need to wear a bra for bridal gown try ons or the day of your wedding. Most all of our dresses have built in corseting and cups, and of course, you can get these customized in your gown during alterations!

Do you clean and preserve gowns?
Yes, we can take care of this for you after your wedding! Just contact us after our wedding and we will take care of it – dress and veil included!

Do brides buy on their first time out/at the first store?
This is the question brides wrestle with so often. The short answer is YES. I could list many so brides who asked this question but couldn’t pull the trigger. It takes some a few days, some a few weeks, and some even a few months, to return to buy that first dress from the first store.

How do I store my gown?
When you pick up your gown we will send your gown home safely secured in a Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo cloth, zipped dress bag. Simply store your dress away from sunlight, children, pets, and your fiance (of course!) in a closet and it will be safely stored and secured until you head to alterations, where your dress will be held, pressed, and steamed for your pick up day!

What other services do you offer?
We have tuxedo & suit rentals, bridesmaids dresses, and mother of the bride dresses (arriving soon!)

Can I add or remove sleeves to this?
You may be able to add or remove sleeves on a dress-by-dress basis. Depending on the dress, your consultant will give you the best advice for the ability to customize a dress and and or remove sleeves, which would happen during alterations.

What sizes do you carry?
Your wedding dress size will not be your normal size. Everyone questions the size of the dress. Bridal runs small. Whatever your regular size is you will be one size up, sometimes two sizes up depending on the style of the dress. Do not get upset over the size! Having said that, we carry sample sizes from 4 to 28!

Another helpful blog is our bridal and tuxedo glossary with common terms in the bridal industry that you may not be familiar with.

Have a question about our staff? I think it’s always helpful to see the faces of the team members that may help you. This link will show our super friendly staff who will never push you into purchasing. We all want every bride to find the dress of her dreams and we know we have it! Look at these faces of our real brides and read our reviews, you will feel right at home with us.

Make your appointment with us to find your perfect dress and let us share in your excitement! We can’t wait to welcome you to our family!

Should I Wear a Tuxedo or Suit for My Wedding?

Tan Tuxedo
Allure Men Sandstone Tuxedo With No Satin

Tuxedo or Suit for the Wedding?

Probably one of the top questions we receive from brides and grooms is whether the wedding party should wear a suit or tuxedo for the wedding. We can guarantee you that the bigger question from many of our customers is: “what’s the difference between a tuxedo and a suit”? So let’s start with that information first. Then we can quickly and simply answer your question about whether you should wear a tuxedo or suit for your wedding.

What is a Tuxedo?

Many, if not most tuxedos have satin on the lapel, pockets and buttons. Some, but not all, tuxedo pants have a satin stripe down the side of each pant leg as well. The stitching of the fabric may also be more detailed and fine. However, the largest difference between a tuxedo and a suit is usually the existence of satin on the tuxedo. The satin tends to give a more formal look with a bit of sheen. Satin is shiny and has a very distinct look.

Satin Tuxedo
Navy Tuxedo with Black Satin Lapel

However, over the years, some tuxedo and suit designers have gotten the message from certain brides and grooms: not everyone likes satin. In this particular case designers like Allure have created tuxedos that have no satin at all! The buttons are covered in the same fabric that the tuxedo is made of and there is a stitching along the lapel that creates an outline of where the satin would typically be incorporated into the tuxedo however there is absolutely no satin. This design is often referred to as a self fabric edging that creates a border on the lapel for a more formal look without the satin.

Allure Men Blue Tuxedo
Cobalt Blue Tuxedo with No Satin

So now that we told you that tuxedos have satin and suits do not, that is not always the case. Of the seventy or so tuxedos and suits that we offer, Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo has 4 different styles of tuxedos with no satin on them.

What’s a Suit?

Suits definitely have no satin to be found on the fabric and most of the suit buttons are plastic. At one time, we could argue that all tuxedos had more luxurious fabric than suits but that is no longer the case for all designers. Some of our designers like Michael Kors, Ike Behar and Allure make suits with fabric that is as luxurious and sometimes even more luxurious than some of our other tuxedo designers.

As mentioned in the prior paragraph, we now have very creative tuxedo designers that have created tuxedos with no satin on the jacket, pants or vest. They stitch a visible outline of where satin would normally be on the tuxedo lapel thus giving it the appearance of satin without the sheen. The buttons are often the same fabric and color of the tuxedo itself. Brides and grooms who do not like the shininess of the satin appreciate these designs because they want a tuxedo for their wedding without the satin.

Now that you know more about tuxedos and suits than most people, let’s talk about whether you need to choose a tuxedo or suit for your wedding.

Let’s discuss some things you need to consider that will help you to make a tuxedo or suit decision.

Where Are You Getting Married?

One of the initial questions we ask our brides and grooms is where are they getting married? Is it a barn wedding or a formal ballroom? Maybe it’s neither place. We often recommend the attire needs to match the setting and venue.

If you are having a very formal wedding with elaborate flowers in a stately location and fine china, we often recommend having the wedding party wear a more formal tuxedo.

However, as mentioned previously, some of the suit designers we carry make very handsome suits that look as formal as a tuxedo. That formality includes very fine and textured stitching, high fiber count wool blends and an overall fitted look.

How Formal is the Bride’s Wedding Dress?

Another question we ask during our suit and tuxedo consultation is how formal is the bride’s wedding dress? Fortunately, most of the time, the bride already said yes to her dress at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo so we can look up in our system the type of dress she is wearing without disclosing the information to the groom. This allows us to immediately advise appropriate styles of suits and tuxedos to better pair the bride and groom on their wedding day.

The analogy we like to give when making this decision on whether to wear a tuxedo or suit for your wedding is this: if the bride is wearing a very formal bridal gown with a lot of ornate lace and a long train, you wouldn’t want to put the groom in jeans, would you?! Each should be dressed as formally or informally as the other. Your wedding photos will come out better and you will feel more comfortable throughout the day.

We can help you decide how formal the bride’s dress looks. We see and have a lot of wedding dresses so this will be very easy for us.

Start with What You Had in Mind.

If you had your heart set on wearing a suit then begin your in-person or video appointment with us looking at suits. If you find something, great! We’ll prepare those suits for your free groom try on so you can see what you look like well before your wedding.

If after looking at our suits, nothing interests you, then allow us to show you our 60 or so tuxedos we have available.

If you were leaning towards wearing a tuxedo for your wedding before consulting us, let’s start by looking at tuxedos first.

Bottom Line

In the end, wearing a tuxedo or suit for your wedding is entirely your choice. Our goal is to try to keep your wedding pictures timeless so that, say in 10 or 20 years, you don’t regret having worn something that is out of place.

Essentially, here are the things you need to consider when choosing between a tuxedo or suit for your wedding:

  1. How formal is your venue?
  2. How formal is the bride’s wedding dress?
  3. Do you like satin or not?
  4. Do you prefer a suit or tuxedo?

Tell us what you prefer, a tuxedo or suit.

Make your appointment with Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo and let us show you our tuxedos and suits. We arrange to have any out of town wedding guests measured anywhere in the country for free and can even ship them their tuxedos or suits. Have a question: you can even text us at 215-491-8500.