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Where Will You Honeymoon in 2020-2021?

The wedding is over, enter the honeymoon phase! After the planning madness and the whirlwind of your best day ever, you get to  enjoy  ALONE time with your spouse.  What a Cloud 9 feeling to close your eyes and picture this!

Have you put thought into your honeymoon yet?

Do you need the advice of a travel agent, complete with tours and packages? Maybe you’re a do-it-yourselfer, just get somewhere and wing it.  There are so many things you can do that you must talk about how you want to spend your honeymoon.

Which one are you, calm and peaceful?

Or daring and extreme?

Or both? Tell your travel agent to find what activities you want (or don’t want).

What about food? Are you an American fare, steak and potato type?

Or have a more international palette?

Or both? Again, tell your travel agent and get your perfect trip booked!

Before we get to the current popular destinations, let’s list some other questions to answer and ideas to ponder.

  • Do you want to stay domestic or travel abroad?
  • Do you like all-inclusive packages with food and drink?
  • Do you want to relax or pack in the activities?
  • Do you want to be surrounded by people or more excluded?
  • Are you stressed at the thought of travel, afraid to fly, etc?
  • Would you consider a cruise?
  • How much do you want to spend on your honeymoon?
  • Do you want to get married at your destination location?

If you’re thinking of traveling abroad, there are some amazing places like Italy’s Amalfi Coast (pictured below), Santorini and Mykonos in Greece, Figi, Bali, Tahiti, and Bora Bora to name just a few.

While we are on the subject of traveling abroad, please take note of your passport! If you change your name but it doesn’t appear on your passport, you’re not leaving the country. It takes some time to change your passport and other documents over so make sure you have that in place well in advance of your trip.

Domestically, the top choice is always the Hawaiian Islands. Oahu, Maui, and Molokai are beautiful places to honeymoon. Also popular are places like California Wine Country (Sonoma Valley pictured above), Miami and Orlando in Florida, Jackson Hole, WY and Park City, UT (skiing, anyone?), or any of the incredible National Parks. Fall weddings can consider Vermont for breathtaking scenery.

Cruising is also a popular option and can take you to a number of great places for you to experience in one trip. Consider cruising the Greek Islands, Australia, the Mediterranean including Spain, France, and Italy, or perhaps Alaska.  There are always good packages and specials running for cruises and some offer special bonuses for honeymooners. Some cruise ships can hold over 5,000 guests so if you and your sweetheart are people-people, this could be ideal for you!

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is always vetting the best partners in the business, and we have recently added Helen Baxter-Amelsberg with Dream Vacations in Furlong, PA. She is a well-seasoned traveler, both domestically and internationally, and can lead you to the most perfect honeymoon to celebrate your new life together, or arrange the most perfect destination wedding and honeymoon in one. She’s also super friendly and fun and will make the process exciting for you.

Whether it’s peace and quiet or extreme action and adventure, anywhere on the globe, Helen can exceed expectations. Watch our social for the next in-store event with Helen coming in March! As a Darianna Bride herself just last year, she’ll have special presents for you!




What If I Don’t Want To Wear A Veil?

You’re not alone if you are feeling on the fence, or just flat-out don’t want to wear a veil.  It’s okay! We believe the only way to go wrong on your wedding day look is to agree to something that isn’t right for you!

We’ve done blogs on veils, the styles, lace and beaded edges, lengths, etc., but what if it’s just not your thing?  Does that blusher piece over the face makes you cringe thinking of walking down the aisle like that?

Maybe you have tried them on and while you may appreciate the look on other brides and perhaps even seen your own look come together while veiled and standing in your own mirror, but something is amiss. It’s just not you.

Can you still feel like a bride sans that oh-so-traditional accessory?

Of course you can!  Here are some tried and true options and suggestions.

How about a headband, a small metal piece with a bit of sparkle? This lovely addition stays pinned in your hair all evening. There are many different varieties of the headband.

Some can be pinned into your hair or you can find beautiful ones that tie in the back under your hair, leaving pretty ribbons flowing down the back. Add colored ribbons or gemstones for a personal touch.

Perhaps a larger piece like a thicker band or a tiara to add lots of formality and fun for the Princess on her day!

Outdoor ceremony? A flower crown (or even flowers woven into the hair) is a gorgeous, earthy option that lends softness and romance. Add greenery, color, berries, sparkle, whatever you love! You can add ribbons to crowns as well to take it up a boho notch.

Glam wedding? Try a bird cage or a fascinator, add some color if you want. An amazing way to throw your look back to a time of gilded sophistication and pomp!

Considering an up-do on your day? What about a bridal comb to top it off:

Or a beautiful set of hair pins:

Maybe you’re not into anything at all in your hair.  Perhaps you’d like a wrap, a jacket, detachable sleeves, a cape, an accessory other than a veil.

Do not wear anything that feels like a costume or phony.  You need to feel beautiful and confident so you shine as your authentic self. Try on all these different pieces with your dress and see what feels right.

Remember: the only way you can go wrong on your day is if you agree to something you know isn’t right for you. Don’t just choose a veil (or any piece!) because you feel you have to, because everyone else does it, because tradition says so.

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo has all of these accessory pieces and more! Make your appointment and let our consultants show you different looks to make your vision come to life.

Bride Tribe: How to Choose Your Wedding Party

Choosing your wedding party is another exciting part of being a bride to be! Who is standing by your side when you say, “I do” is a  personal choice and we have some advice for you to consider.

When we say personal, it is very personal.  Your closest and most trusted persons should be by your side. Blood is thicker than water in many cases, but not all. Do not ask someone because you are “expected” to. This is your day and you want all good and positive vibes.

Talk to your fiancee first and make sure you are on the same page about the following:

  • Size of wedding: Are you having a small wedding with 25 guests? A bash with 400? This is helpful in either pairing down the party or extending it out.
  •  Reciprocity: Were you a maid/MOH in other weddings? Do not feel that you must have someone in your wedding party just because you were in theirs.
  • The future: Can you see this person by your side if you have children, being in your life still in 20+ years? Do not ask someone simply because you need more people or feel obligated.
  • Consider their financial/logistical position: Saying yes to a maid/man role comes with a cost, and it may cause financial pressure for that person.  Does he/she live out of state and will incur extra travel costs? Are they between jobs, or in school? He/she could wind up dropping out and causing anxiety on both sides.
  • Equal number: Do not stress over this. It does not have to be equal on both sides.
  • Do not worry about traditions or opinions. Do what feels right, it’s your day. If there is someone you think you should ask out of obligation but you foresee drama, do yourself (and the rest of your party) a favor and give that person a different role in your wedding.
  • If the thought of a large wedding party causes you anxiety, then make it simple! Have one or two people who are closest to you.

Consider these people carefully. They play a pivotal role in your day and you will want to be surrounded by supportive and reliable people to help you.  Make a list of those you are thinking of asking and then assign the roles.

Maid/Matron/Man of Honor

Your maid of honor, matron of honor (if she’s already married), or man of honor (MOH) will be your right-hand person both before and during the big day.

Your MOH will be in charge of delegating tasks to the other bridesmaids, assisting with dress selection and fittings, organizing and hosting special events like your shower, bachelorette party, and other important milestones with you. She’ll also be the go-to contact on the day for any emergency issues that might arise.

This person should be supportive, organized, and positive, someone you trust completely, who knows you better than anyone.


Your bridesmaids/men will play a huge part in the preparation and planning of your big day! They’ll help the MOH organize your pre-wedding celebrations and help with DIY projects.

You will also spend the morning of your wedding with them getting prepared for the big day. You’ll want to surround yourself with people that you can truly relax and have fun with.

Best Man/Woman

The best man/woman will be your groom’s number one sidekick in the lead up to the wedding day.  This person needs to be reliable in order to take these responsibilities on board. He/She should also be somebody that keeps cool under pressure and can take control of group situations like formal attire measurements and fittings, and the bachelor party.


Your groomsmen/maids will be there to support the groom in any way possible and complete any tasks delegated to them by the best man/woman.

This group will greet and mingle with guests on the day by welcoming them to the ceremony, sometimes accompanying guests to their seats. Your chosen groomsmen/maids should be dependable and friendly.

Once someone has accepted their role, you should give a thank you gift as a sign of your appreciation.  These gifts show your gratitude for the place they have in your day. Some of our favorites for the maids are jewelry, matching robes, champagne, gift box with chocolates and coffee, Bride Tribe tee shirts, a spa day, etc.  For the guys, we love the engraved flasks, good liquor, tickets to a game, etc.

You can see why it is important for many reasons to choose the right people to be in your wedding party. It’s a super exciting time in your life and you want those around you who feel that, too!

We can’t wait to meet you and your wedding party! Make your appointment so we can show you great looks for the bride, maids, and men!