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Tori Mengel Bridal Stylist

Tori Mengel

Tori is light and joy and love rolled together. Have her around and the energy is infectious! A Darianna bride with a 2021 wedding, Tori also was one of our original 2014 Prom Consultants who - at a very young age - jumped right into working with brides and they loved her. She was a model at bridal fashion shows and photo shoots both then and now. Her incredibly intuitive nature is exemplified by her BA in Art Therapy and currently working toward an MS Counseling Psychology, specialization in Art Therapy. We are so fortunate to have her back on the weekends, and so our our brides!

In her own words, five things to know about her are:

1. I’m a graduate student in a counseling psychology & art therapy program
2. I am passionate about yoga, mindfulness, and reiki
3. During the summer, my favorite activity to do is paddle board
4. I’m a studio artist and run my own little business of selling my art
5. My fiancée and I are planning our own wedding too!

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